Monday, 31 August 2015

August Memories

 Thank goodness for photos to help me remember what`s been happening. Camping on Texada, Playland, Oregon, were definite highlights in August and great breaks from all the packing (how cute is my 83 year old granny organizing the silverware?!). We celebrated two special birthday's - Oscker turned 8 and Ben turned 12. Such handsome boys growing too fast. 

Sadly we said goodbye to another special friend. Mike, I hope your somewhere having a happy reunion with Kitty, Katherine, Sean and Bridget. We miss you and hope you were all smiling down on us as we met and celebrated the twins arrival. Well over 50 of us showered them with love and goodies. What beautiful little ladies Hannah and Charlotte are! Double happy! 

We have spent a bit of time at the beach, not enough but at least some. My water babies are satisfied. We had some Beer on the Pier and I got to enjoy my fav dj. A week later we walked the street for the annual Blackberry festival and finished the day off with Fireworks. We met another new little man, and a horse and too many bears to count. The one pictured above is the only one who would stick around long enough to pose for a photo. Fortunately he was far up a tree and I was in no danger ☺. Ice cream has been plentiful as have bbq's and visits with friends and cousins. As ever, I feel blessed. This month has been a tremendous mix of packing hell and summer love. Today we got the keys to our new home and will start moving tomorrow morning. Ahhhhh!!! September promises to be crazy pants with the move and a girls weekend away as well as a little trip to see Duran Duran with my sister!!! I can't wait. Cheers to tomorrow!

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  1. The picture of Theresa's parents is beautiful. I enjoyed your foray into fall as well !!