Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Scenes fom a 10th birthday party

This past weekend my girl celebrated her 10th birthday with a party at our place surrounded by her very best friends. The house wasn't quiet after Lily's 8 sweet girlfriends showed up. They chatted and giggled a lot while decorating gingerbread houses. They had great times in our kitchen photo booth, opened presents and played pass the pig. Just after supper, one of my best friends texted that they were headed to the Santa train and offered a pick up of kids. This wasn't in Lily's very planned out party but the surprise went over very well. The girls rode the train 4 times, wrote letters to Santa, posed for pics with him and were treated to mandarin oranges. It was festive and fun. After we returned home, we all enjoyed some delicious candy cane gelato (Lily isn't a big cake eater), then the girls started making up dance routines in groups while Neil and I cleaned up. Around 10:30, we shut the dancing down for the Minions movie. The last voices I heard were around 1am then again at 7:07am - sweet Payton asking if "anyone was hyper yet?" No joke!  Waffles and sausages for breakfast, more dancing and some play and pick up by 11. Aside from little sleep, it was actually one of the easiest parties we've ever thrown. The girls all got along. There was no drama just a lot of laughter and silliness. Happy birthday to you Lily. I'm so glad you enjoyed!

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