Monday, 18 April 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow - Filled with Tulips and Surprises Aplenty!

When we moved in last September, I felt a little intimidated by the size of the yard (we have 1/3 of an acre) and by all the plants and trees and garden (photo below-yikes!). As we headed into winter, we had no idea what to expect but knew we had some work ahead of us. We had never had a garden before nor did we have a big yard that was all ours to look after. This home and yard is pretty big and there is no longer a landlady around telling us to leave it alone as it was hers. What a joyous surprise Spring has been with a large amounts of colourful tulips popping up all over the front and back yard. I myself planted around 30 bulbs in early October but no where near what is currently blooming. The previous owners loved the house and yard and must've planted tulips for years as we are really reaping the benefits! 

There are loads more plants and several blooming bushes we have no clue about. My Dad recently discovered a ton of asparagus (amongst the remains of the previous owners garden) which we've been happily eating. Last night while wondering the back yard I found a lovely little plot of Lily of the Valley which thrilled me beyond words. I know there are a few rose bushes and two Rhodo's that should bloom soon but the colour will be a surprise. It's all very interesting and fun and crazy. I hope to plant some food that we can enjoy later this year. Buying our first home and decorating it has been tons of fun. I have a feeling that gardening will be just as exciting once we figure out and get rid of all the weeds!

Linking up here today. Please go check out other great gardens from around the globe! I look forward to posting more updates about how our garden is coming along as the year progresses, 


  1. Jen, it looks amazing, such a pretty garden and a wonderful space and views! I'm super envious. In our new garden we have a rickety old fence, some leftover skinny carrots popping through the vegetable patch and a host of daffodils. The front is much better but yours has given me inspiration for some Autumn bulb planting! Have an ace day xxx

  2. I so need to plant some tulips later this year! I hope you find lots more lovely garden surprises throughout the year.

  3. congratulations on your new home!! and what a wonderful find. it all looks and sounds so lovely. -Claudia

  4. Beautiful tulips - and it's such a challenge to take over a new garden and make it your own isn't it? Looking forward to seeing how you get on :) #hdygg