Monday, 30 May 2016

Nature Loving - Portraits of a Garden

There's not much better than blooming flowers on a gorgeous May day. Lily and I saw a matinee on Sunday and afterwards wandered around the Townsite admiring gardens along the way. SO MUCH BEAUTY!!! Every single year I feel in awe of nature and the brilliant colours, textures and scents. Lil and I stopped to smell every rose we came across, marveled over the many layers of a peony and couldn't get over the paper thin delicate petals or a poppy. I love me some sweet peas and aren't daisies just about the happiest flower out there? I could go on and on. We are so very lucky to live where we can enjoy this beauty daily. I took most of these photos with my new portrait lens. I'm loving it and need to experiment more.

Joining in with Annie once again over here. Her photos are really outstanding, please go and see.

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  1. these are absolutely stunning. i love the shots with the sun rays coming through. i'm assuming Lily is your daughter? I have a Lily too. she's six :)