Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Cherries, Berries and Other Finds in our Backyard

There is so much to find strolling around our new backyard. As I have said before, we had no idea what to expect when we moved in last September. There are so many cherries and berries including some wild salmon berry, huckleberry and maybe a few too many blackberry bushes. The flowers continue to surprise me bringing cheer and pops of colour all over the yard. We have yet to see the bear that made a few appearances last fall but I'm sure he or she will around eventually.  Birds, slugs and the odd snake come by to say hello as do too many weeds. I don't know how the previous owners managed them or how anyone does really. What I do know is how grateful I feel for all of it. What a treat it is to walk outside your front door and find all this joy, annoying weeds and all! 

Joining in again with beautiful Annie at Fable & Folk. She's an amazing photographer. Go see her stuff here

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  1. I was thinking your fruit seems a lot more developed than mine and then I saw the bird photo and realised you are in America, not somewhat damp northern France like me! Hopefully our cherries will swell and ripen soon but it has been a cool spring here and everything is very behind. #hdygg