Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Last Few Days of School & Ball

Last week was an emotional one. I guess honestly, the entire month of June was a little nutty for this Mama. My boy is now all done with elementary and Lily has only two years left. The days are long but the years are short indeed. The month was so full of year end activities and field trips, the last few days sort of snuck up on me and hit me hard. I wish I wasn't such a girl and could keep the emotions in but soft is who I am and as hard as I try, I cannot change me.

Above are some photos of the Grade 7 Grad which took place on Tuesday. The kids had a good time at the ceremony but an even better time once the parents took off and the dancing began. Neil was lucky enough to stick around as he was the dj. He said the kids had a blast and danced away, celebrating the end of elementary. He took some secret video and pictures. Made my heart happy to see their joy. I'm still teary! SO MUCH FUN!

Below are the pictures from the actual last day (and first for comparison) of school which was Wednesday. The day was pretty much all about fun - lots of games and outdoor time, cleaning out desks and the classrooms, good treats and lots of chatter with awesome report cards to end of the year. Jackson and several others from his class headed for celebratory slurpees and then took off to Mowat to jump the cliffs following the final bell. Loads of smiles and some tears were had but overall the day was nothing but happy. Later that evening, Jackson's ball team competed in the finals for first place. More smiles followed a nail biter of a game as they won 11 - 10. We finished up the night with milkshakes finally making it home around 9:30. Needless to say, we all crashed hard that night. Next year will be so different with them being at two different schools. I'm glad this final one ended so well for my boy.

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  1. Great pictures Jen, milestones make you really notice how fast things are really moving! Always love your blog.