Tuesday, 13 September 2016


  "a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2016"

Jackson: Grade 8/High School!!! is so far, so good. As a matter of fact, he's loving it. He's not super keen on his French teacher as he feels he gives "too much homework" but otherwise all is well. He enjoys catching the bus to school and home, has already been to and LOVED a dance and is managing fine moving to different classrooms and having several different teachers. This week he also finished his tryouts for Rep Hockey and didn't make the cut. He took it so well making Neil and I so proud of how mature he can be when he needs to be. Yay Jackson! You are such a good guy!

Lily: Grade 6 has turned out really well for my girl. The first day was interesting as we found that almost the entire school had gone to split classes for all grades except Kindergarten. Lily is now is a 5/6 split but as she spends most of her time with her friends in the grade below, this is perfect for her. She's my December girl and really does seem to gravitate towards the girls in the lower grade. She still loves to play and so do they. She has two teachers who are splitting the week in half, some days alternating the morning/afternoon. She likes one more than the other but that is the beauty of the split - she will only have to put up with the one for half the week. Next week, Acro begins and the week after that swimming. She a busy, happy little lady. 

Living Arrows 


  1. I love this its such a fantastic idea, great pictures too!xx #livingarrows

  2. They look so grown up and so ready for school! Great pics and a lovely way to mark another milestone x

  3. Lovely photos, and I love how they both only have one dislike and it's the same for both of them! x #LivingArrows