Saturday, 7 January 2017

Nature Loving - Winter Walks

Sometimes, very often actually, I think I live in paradise. My sweet little corner of the world is so naturally beautiful and lately it's been putting on a pretty spectacular show. Icy cold but clear weather has brought with it the most brilliant of blue skies. We can't walk far into the woods without meeting a friendly squirrel, seeing different birds or hearing a raven call. Eagles soar overhead as dolphins surface again and again out front in the Straight. If you are near the Mill, the sound of the it is easily dulled by the Sea Lions barking up a storm. I've yet to catch the whales but lots of friends have and posted pics on FB and IG. Land and sea are alive with things to see. Winter walks can't be beat as Powell River's front and back yards really are special. I love where I live and am so grateful. 

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  1. This looks magical! Love the playful seals and the pod of dolphins. How lucky are you to have that so close by! Beautiful photography!