Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Is there anything better than waking up to your world blanketed in snow!? What magic it brings. Recently we were treated to a rather large dump of the white stuff that stuck around for close to a week. As we don't see it very often, everything (school and work) sort of shut down for a few days and going anywhere only happened if totally necessary.  We didn't have much to worry about other than making snowman, feeding the birds and enjoying it. Snow brings quiet and stillness. The beach was heavenly but cold.  The roads were dead.  We'd go outside for a walk then head back in and return to our jammies, drinking lots of hot tea and chocolate. We watched lots of movies and put together a lot of lego. Lily drew and wrote, Jackson played a load of video games. We read. It was blissful and I have to admit I was sad to see it go. There are rumours of more coming our way in March. It seems hard to imagine as I look out my window now to beautiful sunshine and the bluest skies but we shall see.
Enjoy some Boomerang snow silliness below.


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  1. It's been so hot here, I just cannot imagine it being cold enough for snow. It really does look like a picture postcard. You guys build great snowmen, that's for sure. And that video? BEST!