Friday, 9 June 2017


Easter? Wasn't that in April? Oh well. Blogging usually is last on my list of priorities unfortunately. I get a lot put into draft form around the time it takes place and sometimes things make the blog but more often than not, they stay in draft form forever.

Anyhoo, Easter was lovely. We did get a  great warm weekend and had a lovely big supper with all the fam. The table looked so good and the turkey was delicious! The kids played along and participated in a hunt and got loads of chocolates and treats. Spring started to show itself outside and Jackson played game after game of hockey for a tournament that happens every single Easter weekend and is the bain of Lily's existence. I guess it's sort of the bain of mine too. Why they figure that Easter is the best weekend to have this particular tourney is beyond me. At least we didn't have an early game on Sunday.

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