Tuesday, 4 July 2017

George Bailey and Penny Lane

On July 2nd, our family welcomed two new additions. George Bailey and Penny Lane are sister and brother shih tzu, lhasa apso, bichon frise cross born May 10. We may just have crazy written across our foreheads getting two puppies at once however they are as cute as can be and so far a ton of fun. I know there will be some trying times ahead but as of now they are great little sleepers and very affectionate babies. Teething is happening big time!  George has been caught having a nibble on the dining room table so we have loads of toys around that are chewable and hopefully more appealing than a table. It's all a big learning experience right now and fortunately summer has just begun so we (mostly the kids as work doesn't stop for puppies) have a couple months to train them and get them used to life in our house. It's a exciting, slightly scary thing bringing home new pups but we are ready for it and have ample amounts of love to give. If you'd like to see more of them, follow on Instagram georgebaileyandpennylan


  1. Be still my beating heart, they are so gorgeous! Seeing your snaps are making me so poody (like broody but for a dog,) and I am loving following along on Instagram! What lucky pups to be in your family!

    1. It's currently 6am and I'm outside listening to the birds sing while the pups have their first play of the day. They are sleeping at least 8 hours a night so who could complain. I just need to learn to go to bed when they do. :)