Thursday, 7 December 2017

12 + a day

We were away for the last four days so missed doing her birthday quiz the night before she turned 12. Instead she is answering them as a very fresh 12 year old, one day after her birthday. What can I say about Lily? She's a dream. She's what I imagined having a daughter would be like. We are great friends. I admire her lots and love her style, her creativity and energy. She can be very indecisive and would rather you make the decision for her than give her a choice. She is a super picky eater but I'm hoping that will change over time. It did for me. She's loving and kind and has a good heart. I love her and can't believe she is 12 already. 

1. Today you are 12 + 1 day, how are you feeling?
     "I feel EXACTLY the same"

2. What are you most proud of yourself for?
     "ummmm...for being kind to everyone, not just certain people"

3. Describe yourself in three words
    "this is easy...awesome, imaginative, crazy"

4. What do you want to do when you grow up?
     "I want to be a computer animator for Pixar, I'd like to be you-tuber, I want to act and direct, I want to              work at Disney, write books and donate to charities. "

5. Where do you think you'll go to college
    "I want to go Emily Carr"

6. Who is your hero?
    "Collen Balinger, my Mom, my Dad, my brother, Gramma & Papa, Auntie, Nana Jane"

7. What do you like most about school?
    "language arts"

8. What is something that makes you angry?
    "when people do things that I have asked them to stop doing - annoying stuff"

9. What makes you happy?
    "musicals, eating rice, hanging out with Marlyse, watching you-tube, reading, drawing"

10. Who is the kindest person you know?
      "my mom, Marlyse, Dad, Gramma, Papa & Jackson"

11. What is your favourite
      movie "Wonder, Daddy's Home 2 & Despicable Me 3"  food "sesame seeds" song "Pennies from                   Heaven" month  "December & February" tv show "you-tuber The Bakeey"  book "Prisoner of Azkaban & The Babysitters Club graphic novels"

 12. Where do you hope to live when you grow up?
      "California, England, France, New York, Fiji & BC, Canada!!!" 

13. Do you dream of anything?
      "being a Pixar animator"

14. Describe your family...
      Dad "cool, busy and amazing"  Mom "supportive, loving" Jackson "self absorbed and kind"

15. What do you like about your brother?
      "That he is very popular, a great sport and a good person"

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