Sunday, 7 January 2018

The In-Between

The in-between time right after Christmas before school returns always has a different feel to it. Although I did work a few hours, I feel as though I've been on holiday for as long as the kids have been off. Neil has hardly worked either so there has been a lot of time together and it's been pretty wonderful. We ate far too much and not always the best, watched a lot of movies, went for some walks and actually, rather unusually, did some organizing and cleaning. Still far to go, but a start which is a good thing in my books. 

We also adventured WAY up the logging roads with cousins and friends to find more snow than appeared on the grounds outside our house. We enjoyed a super day by the fire with hot chocolate and lots of sledding. Getting stuck trying to leave sort of sucked but made the day a little more memorable.  Jackson returned to the logging roads the next day with some friends to play some hockey outside on Frieda Lake. He was so thrilled to get to go and apparently played from the moment they cleared the ice til they left with only a little break to have a hot dog on the fire.(Thanks for the pictures Tara).  If only we had a big truck we'd go back more often. 

We celebrated my Granny's 86th birthday with a brunch at our place. Her birthday falls on December 27th. My mom made quiche and salad at our place and it tasted so fresh and light after days of overeating. Of course, we had a strawberry cheesecake to sing Happy Birthday with so the light quickly went out the window. Tragically and so foolishly, I had removed my camera card from my camera the day before to upload some pics and took what I thought to be the loveliest photo of her blowing out her candles only to find my camera empty after the cake was cut. I've never done that before. Must have been the light lunch shocking my system or something. :) Lily made her a doll and we bought her a little posy of flowers which I did manage to get a shot of. She was thrilled with the celebration and shed a few tears of joy which made me teary. 

Jackson and Lily hosted yet another sleepover. That night, the snow really came down so the girls played for hours outside that evening and of course, let me take pics. Jackson and co were too busy with video games to bother with snow or me and my camera. 

New Year's Eve we headed to Victoria to ring in 2018 with cousins. Jackson was called up to play with the Rep Hockey Team in a tournament that started New Year's Day so we went early. We had a great visit with the cousins we stayed with and a long overdue visit and supper with old friends. I miss you Kristen and wish we lived closer. 

Tomorrow school returns for me and the kids. Neil will start going back to the office and I will return to my 11 hours a week at work. We have made lunches for the morning and picked out what we want to wear. Back to regularly scheduled programming with a sigh and a bit of relief. I look forward to this fresh New Year and all that it may bring for us, hopefully more great times with family and friends and lots of pictures to remember them by. 

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