Thursday, 12 April 2018


 "a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2018"
For the last 11 days, we have hosted two girls from Hong Kong who were here for a cultural visit. As with our boys last year, we had a wonderful experience getting to know them and learning more about them while showing them our town and our ways. Miriam just turned 13 before she arrived and sweet Lammie is 11. They spoke wonderful English and were very polite and happy. It was really our pleasure to host them and like last year, a little bit of my heart leaves when they do. I love these kids like my own and saying goodbye is never easy. Hopefully one day, they will come back to us and we will meet again. 

Jackson: Watching Lily and our Hong Kong visitors play in the kayaks on the cold April ocean. 

Lily: Pretending to fall down the side of the cliff on Valentine Mtn.

Miriam: She didn't want to hike but did it because we were all going and LOVED it. Valentine Mtn is a small hike in the woods then 99 steep steps to the top. Once we were up, she didn't want to go back down. 

Lammie: She was desperate to swim or jump in a lake or kayak so we made her wish come true with the last request. The ocean and the lakes are just too cold still. Well actually, we would've let her jump if she wanted to badly enough but once she put her hand in to feel the water, she quickly changed her tune. She loved touring around the bay near our place in the kayak with Lily beside her in another one. 

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  1. I remember when the boys came last year - it sounds like the girls had just as great a time! x