Thursday, 28 June 2012

School's out for summer

I have very mixed feelings about the last day of school. I'm always filled with excitement and sadness. Excitement for the lazy daze that come with summertime...the ease of worry over having stuff for lunches; being in bed, bathed, teeth brushed at a decent time with homework done; being up and out of the house by 8:30 every AM; permission slips signed and handed in; agendas filled out;  field trips; playdates; afterschool activities and the thought of fitting supper in somewhere; the list goes on and on. Then suddenly and very quickly when it is all over and we reach the last day of school I realize that it means they have grown and are moving on and up and that makes me sad. My heart belongs to them. They are so precious and I just want them to stay young and innocent forever. I want them to still love the playground, the swings and the monkey bars and hanging out afterschool to play some foursquare. I want them to want me around and be happy to see me when I walk into the classroom. Today I find myself wiping away the tears a lot as I know that this precious special time is going away much faster than I'd like it to. 6 & 8 are fun, happy, easy going, carefree, and loving. Grade 1 and Grade 3 good times/fun times! Jack and Lily are super kids. Yes I'm their mom and biased but I belive they are pretty special people. I cannot stop time from moving so I will wipe away my tears and be happy with the fact that summer means more time with my beautiful boy and girl. 

my first thought when I see this photo is NOSES!!! they certainly don't look happy but
we were late and I was a little frazzled to say the least so this was a quick shot before we raced to school.
 really they were both happy ☺

this was the note Lily's teacher had on the board waiting for the class when they arrived at school

last assembly of the year. I received a lovely planter for helping with the PAC
last field trip to the beach for a picnic and play
Lily receiving her report card and a several kind words from Mrs. Payne
before she is let out for summertime. cue the tears!!! (thanks Lori for the photo)

my boy cheering as Mrs. Schmunk hands out reports and dismisses the class for summer

Lily with the AMAZING Mrs. Payne and Jack with the AMAZING Mrs. Schmunk!!!
Jack and Lily both had EXCELLENT report cards. I couldn't feel more proud really. The teachers praised me when I saw them and on paper. Apparently Neil and I are doing something right.
We will see what next year brings. Happy summertime!!!

Me: Lily, aren't your thrilled about the last day of school?
Lily: YAY!!! I'm gonna party like lord love a duck!
Ridiculous and amazing all rolled up in one! That's what makes her so special!!!

I should add this has been an extrordinarily hard week as I've been pretty under the weather health wise.  My parents and Neil have been super supportive,  letting me rest up when not at school helping so that I can go back for more.  Then my awesome mom in law Jane and her great sister Lesley came to the house and cleaned for us!!! I'm so grateful and feel so fortunate. I'm on my way out of the woods already and feeling so much better. Now is only the sun would shine!☺

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