Thursday, 12 July 2012

Kent's and Willingdon

Kent's beach


Summer is here. It's HOT outside. Going to the beach is our choice to cool down. Yesterday we headed to Kent's beach to spend the night with our cousins who had rented a cabin there. The kids had gone out earlier in the day with my parents and swam, rode bikes and just played hard all day with the hordes of other kids who are camping with their families. Jackson even got to tubing which he LOVED! It's great living in a small town especially when you head into the woods or to the beach to camp because you most always know half the population.  So, when your kids are playing, you know there is always an eye or two watching them wherever they are.
I arrived at Kent's after work just in time for supper and came armed with ice cream treats for dessert. We ate, did the dishes, went back outside to play some more, visited and then ended the evening with a fire. A perfect night aside from the horrid black flies who were out in full force. It didn't damper our spirits though. The morning came and we enjoyed pancakes for breakfast and more of the same from the night before then headed back into town for lunch and a trip to Willingdon beach.  Two full days at the beach in the sunshine for my kids. I'd say they are pretty lucky little people and I'm so grateful! 

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