Sunday, 15 July 2012

bits from our weekend

sleepover party with Dignan, Neve and Em. beach time; trip to our neighbors place
to meet her chickens and bees;  sunset swim; food; movies; braids = FUN!

bbq with our great old friends Juhli J and Lise C and her kids Ollie, Max, Lily and Lane
salmon, chicken, steak, potato salad, chips, dip, veggies, cheesecake, strudel,
brownies,  beer and lemonade made for some full bellies;
evening swim in the raging sea helped make our full bellies feel better;
beautiful sunset made the evening perfect

short bike ride at Inland Lake
checking out 'our' table. this is THE spot where where it all began for Neil and I July 8, 1989.
for our 20th anniversary, Neil replaced the table that used to be there years
ago by making a donation to PR Model Community.there used to be a little
plaque on it dedicated to us but unfortunately vandals have destroyed it. I know
what the spot means so that's all that matters.
bubblegum girl in the green forest

I think Jackson jumped off the dock 50+ times. he didn't want to leave and I'm sure
will sleep extremely well this evening

After all that, yay for a mellow Sunday evening.  We returned from Inland, made some supper then Neil and Lily went for a dip in the pond. Neil and Jack are now watching Spiderman at the Patricia, Lily is in the bath and I'm on the computer while I should be doing laundry
and cleaning my room! Oh well, the mess will still be there tomorrow.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as we did.

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