Sunday, 12 August 2012

bits from our weekend

this is the card Lily made for her cousin Oscker's birthday-bizarre and awesome

this is Jack's card for Oscker - oddly resembles Sloth from the Goonies
in my opinion

Oscker's 5th birthday cake. his mom included everything
that he loves right now. awesome job Sarah!

the birthday boy! he had a fabulous party at Willingdon surrounded
by friends and family and got spoiled silly

Friday evening was spent trying to teach Lily
to ride without training wheels. Jack was desperate
telling her he could do this when he was 4.

success! she's still a little woobly but she's pretty much got it.

some carrot picking with Papa

huge treasure from the garden

Jackson lost one of his molars earlier in the day. Lily didn't like
the idea of Jack getting a visit from the fairy and not her so
she wiggled and wiggled the one semi lose tooth in her
mouth until it fell out around 10pm. the top of her mouth
is looking pretty empty these days and she has $$ in her wallet!

yatzee before bed

we now have a 4th bedroom for the next few weeks. comes complete
with ocean view, skylight, constant sound of waves and beautiful
breeze coming off the water. book you space now

lily had a little mishap with the zipper while getting into the tent.
took Daddy some time to untangle her and several hairs were lost

can you sense the fear in Lily's face. she lasted 10 minutes before she
returned to the house to join me in my bed

yet another photo of Jackie jumping off a cliff...this time at Haywire Bay
(he doesn't look 8 here does he?!?!?!)

Haywire bay

the good life

my beautiful flower

late night supper with friends-burgers, chicken, smokies, home cooked fries,
salad, carrot sticks, beer, water, juice
with ice cream to follow

Sunday found us at Donkersley beach at high tide.
no skimming for Jack today

no skimming doesn't mean no fun. Jack, my little fish, was
in the water in minutes

back home to try some new townsite brewing Blackberry FESTIVale for Neil

strawberry margs for the kids and I

Susie's garden

evening swim to cool off a little

me and my loves

hazy sunset. hopefully things clear before dark so
we can enjoy some more of the meteor showers. last
night the 4 of us lay on the deck with pillows and
blankets and watched the show until the kids couldn't
keep their eyes open any longer. hopefully more of the same tonight

another great weekend with lots of beach time, friends, family, parties, food, drink, more food, more drink, meteors and love. hope you had a good one too!


  1. There is so much to love with this post Jen. Lily's art is freaky brilliant as always, the red leg coming out from the frame of the pic, the curly shoes. I don't think you ever need to buy a card. When I first saw the pic of Jack jumping into the water I thought it was Neil! Must be the perspective. The photo of Lily on the rock looks like a 50's pic, so great.

  2. Loving the art, how fab. I just realised when I came and visited after your comment on my blog that we follow each other on intragram! I love my children so much. My family are my sun, moon and stars