Sunday, 19 August 2012

movies and flowers

while I was at work, my parents and sister took the kids to Palm beach

beach yoga with lily

an evening walk with my mom had several stops
to admire all the blooms

some beach time and a beautiful sunset are always
the best way to end a day
one of our most favourite events of the summer at Larry Guthro Park

waiting for darkness to fall to play the movie

the girls hadn't seen each other in a bit and were happy to wait
for the movie to catch up

a bit of weird choice this year. the kids enjoyed it.
as always I love watching the movie outside on a
warm summer evening but this year the movie part
wasn'tso great!


hen party appies

a bunch of my girlfriends and I went to see Magic Mike. the movie
was ridiculous but the appies and visit before
hand made up for it.
another August birthday=more homemade cards
this one is by Lily

jelly bean theives! caught with a bag each
while watching Totoro

another day at Donkersley

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  1. The beach yoga picture is so summertime. Cute!