Monday, 27 August 2012

Camping at Haywire Bay Day 1, 3 & 4

It turned out I didn't have to work on Wednesday and the use of a trailer already parked at Haywire was waiting, so off to the campsite we went. I fully admit I'm not much of a camper but we had a great 4 days made much better I think because we slept inside a trailer rather than on the ground in a tent (call me princess if you'd like but that's what I prefer). My parents and our cousins showed up on two different nights with supper so we were pretty spoiled overall. Once again Jackson had a pretty harsh leg injury on his bike (something very very similiar happened last year at Haywire) and once again I let him convince me not to go to emerg. The scars will be gruesome but he doesn't seem to care.
I can't say that I loved it but fun was had and we will most likely do it again next year much to the joy of the kids who are definately campers! It sure makes me appreciate home especially my own bed!


Osckie reading the Sears Christmas wishbook
which is already out to tease kids for months to come

Papa making a mean homemade mac and cheese


evening walk

Jackie jumping into the sun that wasn't quite
down behind the mountains yet

gorgeous skies

lots of bike riding

bedtime hot chocolate

one wired (probably from bedtime hot chocolate)
the other crashed hard from day long hockey camp

to see what we did on Thursday go here

a morning walk with Lily

we found these balloons and a tent. someone returned later
that night to celebrate

fall is coming...yay!

Nana Jane and Trenton came for a visit

Lily is now an expert rider

beauty next to the outhouse

Papa, Auntie's Lesley and Sarah and Oscker all waiting to
watch Jack cliff jump

off he goes again!

chilli, onion soup bread, chips & dip all provided by
loving parents. thanks mom and dad

Papa also baked blackberry cinnamon buns for us

evening fire
both sides of the fam minus a few


another beauty day

living the good life

empty beach all for us
Jack's harsh cuts from his metal bike pedal. once
again no trip to emergency and soon some
harsh scars to show for it!!!

bad cuts didn't stop Jack from picking up a ride on a tube when offered

Lily and Daddy swam all the way to the raft together

tonights supper provided by the Frost cousins. Lasagna,
cesaer salad, watermelon salad and skinny girl margaritas!
thanks Dawne

Frost and Forward's

evening s'mores

time to get up,  packed up and back home

final swim before we headed home

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