Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Day 2 of Camping - Lily and Claire reunited

It's been awhile since Lily and Claire had a day together. They met in preschool just before they
turned 3 (Claire late November and Lily early December) and hit it off.
As they are in different schools now and we live so far apart the
girls don't see one another as often although it never seems to matter. They always
pick up where they left off and play hard the entire time they are together. Their love
for each other is obvious and I think it's a friendship that will last forever. On this day, they
biked everywhere, chatted up a storm, painted, laughed, were nice to Oscker ☺, fed the squirrels,  swam a little,ate goldfish together, created "Stocking Lake", called themselves
"Lily and Claire the Greats" and really just had the best day.
We picked up Claire around 11am and she left for home at 8:45 dirty and exhausted but happy.
We look forward to your next visit Claire! xoxoxoxo

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