Monday, 29 October 2012

bits from our weekend

We picked up Claire afterschool, had Starbucks, went to
a Hallowe'en carnival then came back to our place for some play.
As always, the two got along famously and didn't want the party to end!

Honestly, I woke up Saturday feeling pretty rough. UTI strikes again! TMI? Sorry! Fortunately there wasn't anything going on until later in the afternoon so I was able to stay home for a good portion of the day and rest. I took Lily to a friends place around 3 and went for a walk with my sister then picked up Lily and headed little Payton's birthday.  After that party, Neil and my friends got together to throw an early little 40th birthday party for me. Believe it or not, soon after everyone arrived there was an earthquake which made us all a little unnerved! After the shock (and calming Brenna down ☺), we ate well (what else is new), laughed and had a very nice evening even though I don't want 40 to come! I felt lousy but grateful to be surrounded by love and to be home and in bed before midnight!
Miss Payton's happy 6th birthday

fear after the quake

group love

we listened to some Duran Duran in honour of Simon LeBon's birthday

Happy early 40th to me (sad face/happy face)

Feeling a bit better but certainly not great.
The kids enjoyed putting together one of my presents. Thank you Lise, it's pretty sweet!

We carved pumpkins in the kitchen while watching ET on the computer.
My favourtie thing!!! After the first cut, Lily quoted Linus from Charlie Brown
"you didn't tell me you were going to kill it!"

Neil, Lily, Jack & Jen

40 hits in two days. I'm still not dealing with it too well. Lots of tears this weekend. I know it's so silly but it really is bugging me. I have to turn my thinking around and fast! Any suggestions?!?!?!


  1. "grateful to be surrounded by love"

  2. Jen, I had a really hard time leading up to 40. I didn't want to talk about or even think about it, didn't want to celebrate... was just sort of trying a high level of avoidance but then, magically when it happened and I woke up the next day I felt like I wanted to tell everybody. I know it's not the same for everyone but I think once you're through it, it gets easier. Remember 40 is the new 30 !!