Sunday, 28 October 2012

let's play catch up

Tuesday, both Lily and Oscker's classes went to the
Lang Creek Fish Hatchery on field trips. Great great day full
of learning about the salmon's life cycle!

Wednesday, I took my Granny out to lunch then to pick up
the kids from school. Here she is with me (the oldest of her 8 granchildren)
and 3 of her 5 great grandchildren. How lucky are we to live in the same town
with her and see her often!

Wednesday was also another night of crochet with Juhli
and the first ever granny square completed by Lily! Yay Flower! Good job!

Lily doodles

Thursday, Jack ran cross country and placed 18th in about 25 kids.
I'm so proud of him as long distance running really isn't his thing.
He was pretty red faced in the end but happy to have finished!

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