Tuesday, 13 November 2012

bits from our weekend


We had our first frost. Lily said that Frosty came out in the night
and threw a gigantic snowball all over town for us to enjoy in the morning.

Fall colours are still hanging on and amazing

My girlfriend Brenna and I went out for mexican before
heading out for a night on the town
Twice a year, several local business put on a fashion show fundraiser
with drinks ☺ for a good cause. It's always a great event but this one
took the cake. Loads of laughs! I still haven't heard how much they
made for the Salvation Army but I'm sure it was a great amount.

Martini silliness

a beautiful day in the neighborhood
We didn't get up to much today. We stayed home for a good part of the day, visited some friends, went to the Mayenburgs for supper then to the movie. It was a good day!
We saw Argo. GO! It's worth it!

Another day of not much until supper at my sisters followed by some crafting.
I made cards, my sister felt dolls, Lily cross stitched and we all ate chocolate!
This weekend was great because we did next to nothing. It was good to have some down time after several weekends in a row that were very full. As Monday was a Stat day,  Neil and I decided to clean house and made a huge mess in the process. I was going to post a photo but am feeling just too embarrased about it. Maybe I'll post the before and after because unfortunately much of the mess still needs to be dealt with. Typical Neil and Jen starting something too huge to finish in the amount of time we had. However on the plus side, we got rid of at least 5 bags of garbage and donations. We are pack rats and are trying to change things! I'll keep you posted on our progress.

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