Monday, 24 December 2012

bits from our weekend

This weekend it was really all about hockey. We travelled to Campbell River for a tournament and my boy played, in my opinion, exceptionally. The whole team worked hard and they came home with two wins and two losses, one of which was by a single goal. Game 1, my boy scored a hat trick for his team. Game 2, he scored two goals then played defense in game 3. Game 4, the teams last game played way to early Sunday morning, he scored the only goal for our side. He's my little star. Obviously I'm his mom and can brag a little but I really think he does well and I'm proud. As I've talked about before here and here, he's a determined little big man who LOVES his hockey!  Way to go Jackson and Team Aero! Good job this weekend!!!

After 3 days of hockey in Campbell River,  we headed back to Courtenay/Comox to catch the ferry home. We had some time to kill so we did a bit of shopping. The photo below is Lily and I having fun in Sport Check while waiting for the boys to finish. This was a long weekend for my girl! Lily is NOT a hockey fan in any way shape or form but plays along when needed.

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