Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking back - 2012 January to June







Going through photos to put this together certainly proves we are busy and blessed. I'm sure there are some repeats from previous posts but included are some never before seen photos too. Enjoy!

January - beauty full moon and some snow fun
February - I remember that fog, it stuck around too long.
We had a sweet Valentines and the kids
both did wonderfully in Speech Arts!
Jackson also took his first, and extraordinarily chilly,
 dip of the year at Inland Lake. Silly little man!
March - Signs of spring were sprouting up everywhere.
I tried snowshoeing for the first time. It was painful but great fun. Next time I'll try a smaller outing!
The beach fires also began and I took one of my fav photos of Lily.
April - Lots of showers made for lots of pretty flowers.
It felt warmer, jackets came off and sweaters took their place.
The Canucks lost the Stanley Cup again and my boy was sad.
I also had my first experience seeing orcas from my deck! AMAZING!
May - a trip to the city to meet some friends then off to Penticton for a lovely wedding
We went to Savary and the sun shone brightly for a day.
We also returned to Vancouver to celebrate a special birthday.

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