Monday, 31 December 2012

Looking back - 2012 July to December







July - New fancy 'new to him' bike for Jack and Lily finally learns to ride without training wheels. We attended another PR Seafair. We travelled to Seattle and onto our
fav spot Cannon Beach, Oregon then returned to summer at home!
August - Summertime was in full swing. Osckie celebrated 5 years and special friends returned to take in Blackberry Fest. We also camped! Summer just kept on giving!!!
September - The sun continued to beat down on us, so back to Savary we went to enjoy one last hurrah before school went back. Many many lovely sunsets were viewed and enjoyed!!!
October - was beautiful. We were thankful. My Mom turned 60 and
I turned 40 and the hippie and the lala had a super Hallowe'en!
November - 40 celebrations continued as did the beautiful days/evenings of a fall that kept on giving. We started Christmas crafts and I enjoyed one of my best weekends ever with a
trip to the city to see Sir Paul McCartney. Fantastic!
December - It snowed and my Dad, shoveled the very wet heavy snow from the neighbors walkway. This after he's already done his own and two other elderly neighbors as well. He's a good man my Dad. Christmas cards were made and sent away. Our families got together and celebrated. We ate and drank and were very merry and spoiled. Our time in between Christmas and tomorrow we felt sadness when  we lost a good guy and another really good friend. Always in our hearts they will be!

This evening we will head to a close friends house to celebrate with her and her family and other good friends. This post and January to June overwhelm me! We are beyond blessed to be happy, healthy and know such love in our lives. Cheers to an amazing 2013 which will hopefully provide for us as many wonderful times as 2012 did!

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