Monday, 4 February 2013

bits from our weekend


4 generations enjoying a little afterschool Starbucks

my beautiful (and single) sister and her babes

at the beach (rare full on shot of just me in my pollen poncho)

the 4 Forward grandchildren

a special birthday girl

party at a Salon and Spa! Lily was so thrilled!

So. Much. Fun. for 7 year old little women
early morning reading in bed

This weekend was fun but I'm feeling a bit bored. January was sort of ho hum. Life has become very mundane and blah. The kids are always entertaining it's just the everyday. Maybe I'm just longing for summer and the easy freedom of nothing. Beach time and warmth. No school/work/hockey/cheer/crochet weekend hockey birthday party repeat repeat repeat.  I need a bit of real sunshine not just the beauty I'm seeing in the blogs I'm reading from around the world. This blog is boring and suddenly I've got a ton of new views. I'm not sure how accurate the stats are but people are looking. I've gone from maybe 5 views a day to 25-30. I now have 9 followers☺!!! I'm receiving comments!  Hello Rachel of tea with lucy, Gillian of tales from a happy house, the nameless but lovely lady from angels have red hair and again to Suzie of The view from here - thanks for commenting.   Hopefully February will bring some fun and interesting things to blog about other than the usual. Happy Monday!


  1. Jen, your blog (and your life) is lovely. Sometimes the every-day for one person is exciting for another. I think it's the weather that's causing some ho-humness right now. It's the anticipation of spring - we don't want to wait anymore!! The days are starting to get longer and one day the sun will come out again too.
    Your blog always brings a smile to my face and makes my heart happy - I know I'm not the only one - blog on !!

    1. Oh Juhli, how sweet are you?!! Thanks. I'm sure it's just the winter blahs. Crochet is listed there but is definately a highlight of my week. See you Wednesday my friend!

  2. Spring is just around the corner...although it can never come soon enough and we probably DO have a fair amount of rain and grey to get through. Sigh, can't wait to feel the sun on my back and the sand beneath my feet and be spend time with you! Light and Love. xoxo

  3. i check this blog 5 times a day