Tuesday, 12 February 2013

bits from our weekend


beautiful sunset which  put hope into my head for sunshine
on Saturday which did not happen
grey, foggy and cold. no sun!

The kids had a sleepover Friday night.  After breakfast, they all
set to work making some homemade Valentine's.

Saturday supper at our cousins place. Too many cooks in the kitchen.

mexican feast

A roaring fire and good friends always make the grey skies seem brighter.
We spent about 5 hours at Inland Lake with several families and
had  a wonderful day despite the weather.

old friends reunited

there are faces in the forest all over the place

once again, no Neil as he was working

Sunday evening Valentine's and homework
I caught this guy enjoying a hearty breakfast in the early hours. He/she sat there
for well over 30minutes demolishing whatever was in it's mouth. I was still in
my jammies and too warm inside to venture down to the beach to get a closer look.

listening to my Dad tell her about when he went to school

Family Day walk with the family (minus Neil who was working)
Willingdon Beach Trail Steam Donkey

my first attempt at coffee cake - looked and tasted fabulous

Supper at Neil's bro's means a visit with the little Frost men
(I need to get Michael and Brooklyn in a pic the next time I'm over. Bad Auntie!!!)

The SUN DID NOT SHINE like I was hoping for here. As a matter of fact, it didn't even poke through once. It was a dull, damp, very cold and a grey long weekend. (Monday was British Columbia's first official Fed funded Family Day statutory holiday). So, regardless of sun, fun was still had.

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