Wednesday, 27 March 2013

nature in the home - week 2

Well I said last week that I probably wouldn't contribute all the time but here I am again with some more fresh flowers. I took my Granny out shopping and she threw these carnations in her basket. Once we got outside she said they were for me for taking her out to get her groceries. They look lovely in my kitchen window. From the picture, it looks as though they need some fresh water. Better go get them some!!! Below is a bonus shot of the lovely sunset this evening. The kids Spring Break has been awesome. Lots of sunshine and even some warmth. Last night I walked with just a t-shirt on! Bring it! I'd be more than happy to stop lighting the woodstove every evening!!!

Joining in with Lou and several others over at Little Green Shed


  1. What a kind lady buying you flowers, the best kind of gift. x

  2. loving the rabbit hiding there, happy easter, katie, x