Tuesday, 10 September 2013

36/52 a portrait a week - back to school

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Jackson: first day of Grade 5
Lily: first day of Grade 3

Another school year has begun but life doesn't seem to be slowing down at all with the welcomed routines school usually brings. Once again, my portrait post is late and I haven't had a look at last weeks entries to pick my favourites! The kids both got wonderful teachers and seem to be settling in well to their new classes. I still can't believe grades 5 & 3! Where does time go!?!?!

With the start of a new school year we are also beginning our other regular activities like hockey, cheer, crochet and  soccer - I suppose this easily explains why things aren't slowing down.  Jack and Lily chose these things and we are always happy to give them opportunities but man it means we are busy!!  Lily is actually trying to convince me to throw dance and swimming lessons into the mix somewhere too. She is shocking us this year with her desire to do so much. Last year she was a very different kid. I'm so glad she is more confident and comfortable.

This week I'm joining in with Jodi and several others at Che and Fidel
Jen over at Mum in the Madhouse.

Enjoy the few extra photos below!

Proud to go to the same elementary school as their Dad.

Jackson got Mr. Aasen this year for grade 5. He's much sought after by kids so Jack
is pretty happy to be in his classroom. It a big class of 27.
 Lily in Mrs. Andrews class. There are 14 girls and 7 boys in the classroom.
It should be an interesting year!!! ☺
We bargained shopped at the outlet mall for most of their clothes this year. Yes I did buy a few extras (I have a problem with them and clothing) but not like I have before. For supplies, Staples had some great sales on plus I had lots of leftovers from last years stuff. All in all, we did better this year then we ever have before. Hopefully the start of a new trend!
Thank you Jen for the cute idea for their back to school photos! 
The Mad House

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  1. Wow they both look so grown up. It seems so alien to me that they don;t have to wear school uniform!