Saturday, 28 September 2013

52 weeks of happy 43, 44 & 45/52


"The happiest people don't have the best of everything,
 they just make the best of everything"
So much happiness over the last few weeks hasn't left much time for blogging. I managed to keep up with my 52 portraits but not much else. So three weeks in a single post it is.
♥As much as I've been mourning the end of long warm summer days, autumn colour, sweaters and hot drinks are right up my alley. Once again, I've been walking every day and really getting out and enjoying the changing seasons, admiring the beauty in nature that surrounds me. This really is an amazing time of year. I feel like the older I get the more I notice. I definitely feel gratitude for life.
♥September is birthday month!!! My dad, sister, husband, nephew and son all have birthdays in September as well as countless close friends. My world is surrounded by Virgos and Libras and I'm thrilled to celebrate them all!
♥Lily, my Dad and I all put entries into this years Fall Fair and each of us won blue/first place ribbons-my Dad for his tomatoes, Lily for her crocheted hat and me for my crocheted blanket. My Dad also won two whites (3rd place) for his precious tomatoes, Lily won a red (2nd place) for some artwork and me a white for a photo. Lily also made and sold some amazing cards. This was the last market of the year so she was happy to get a lot of cards done and have good results for her hard work.
♥My niece Syd recently got her Learner's permit and we went out for some practice. She was crazy nervous as she hasn't been out much but she did good and we all, including the van,  arrived at our destination unharmed, !!! Let's get out there again Syd. You need more hours behind the wheel!
♥I had a great tea date with my Mom, Auntie, Granny and sister. It always makes me happy to visit with these ladies especially when it's all of us together.
♥While waiting for The Butler to start the other night at The Patricia we were pleasantly entertained by Jim Dixon on the organ. Years ago this was a regular thing. I don't remember seeing a movie when I was young without someone playing the organ up front.  Now it's only once in awhile but still a fun and welcome old tradition and one of the reasons I love my small town!
♥Hockey is back in full swing for Jackson. The costs the come with being on the rep team are pretty crazy but so far we are managing. He is so passionate so we can do nothing but encourage him. We are collecting bottles to help fund all the travel and getting a ton of donations which of course
 makes us all happy!
♥Lily started ballet and loves it. This makes me so happy as it was her idea, she went on her own without a friend and she enjoyed it. She has so much more confidence now and it shows.
I'm so proud of her.
For seven more weeks, I will join the beautiful and talented Jen at Little Birdie for this wonderful series. Please go and check out her blog, it's lovely!

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