Monday, 30 December 2013

Very late November & December in pictures

⤵A late November trip was a surprise for the kids. Really it was for Lily's birthday but as Neil had to be in the city for business, Jackson got to tag along to join his Dad in the city for a couple days while Lily, my Mom and I headed further south to Seattle for a "girls weekend" which was one of Lily's birthday wishes. We started out very early in the morning so some a few naps took place before we reached Vancouver. ⤵

 ⤵Before we dropped Jackson off, we headed to the mall for a photo with Santa. He was a great helper who chatted up the kids about what they wanted and then proceeded to tell Jackson that Santa prefers baseball over hockey. Super cute man. ⤵
⤵Once we arrived at our hotel just outside of Seattle, Lily was pretty happy. ⤵
 ⤵We went downtown on Thanksgiving Friday. We didn't shop Black Friday as much as we might have. Lily was a good reason just to enjoy the festive mood and not get involved in the madness. We had several delicious meals out (Cheesecake Factory and Mexi in Alderwood & Burlington), saw the lighting of the tree and the fireworks as well as the movie Frozen. We had a super time just us three girls. We did shop a bit but nothing like some of the crazy's out there. It is a very different scene travelling with your Mom - easy and without worry. She and I were happy to do anything and just go with the flow. ⤵
⤵ Saturday we returned to Vancouver and met up with our friends Theresa and Sarah to see Disney on Ice. Like last year, our seats were upgraded from the nosebleeds to right next to the ice thanks to Theresa's very kind friend. The girls had no idea we were even going until we arrived and were thrilled. ⤵
⤵We decorated our tree December 3rd this year. Normally it is up sooner but this year 
there was just too much going on. It turned out beautifully as usual.⤵ 
⤵ My sister made us the sweetest little ornament. I love it and will cherish it forever. Thanks sister.⤵ 
⤵ The PR Santa Parade was it's usual cheesy self but that's exactly why I love it! 
The kids were thrilled especially when Santa arrived at the end. ⤵
 ⤵After the parade, we headed to our place for a big family supper to celebrate Lily turning 401 8! More on her celebration here
⤵I wanted desperately to make our Christmas card this year a little comic version of the kids in different scenes from A Charlie Brown Christmas but I didn't get it all put together quickly enough to get cards out. Below is the best of the bunch of photos I did take. It`s unlikely Jackson will go for any of this next year so this is all I`m going to get of that idea. ⤵
⤵ Here is one of the winners that accompanied a Lily card. I love it too. ⤵
⤵The artwork coming from Lily`s classroom this season was pretty outstanding!!!⤵
⤵The kids school Christmas concert was pretty sweet this year. The Kindy`s stole the show for sure. One little man picked his nose for most of their song then held up a tissue to his Mom to prove he didn`t eat anything while another yawned and fell backwards. Oscker sang loud and clear and was really into it. Lily was her usual subdued self and Jackson I believe mouthed everything perfectly!

 ⤵The P.R. Real Estate Board party was curling again this year. Super fun but way harder than it looks. The grainy, blurry photo next to it is the Coast Realty party where not only Santa arrived to hand out presents. The Grinch and Cindy Lou joined him too!⤵

 ⤵My niece Syd is big on what she calls ``duck face``. The kids and I were out playing in the snow on the last day of school and joined her for some fun before we built a snowman.⤵

⤵The kids also visited Santa here in PR with Oscker and I think it may be one of the best photos ever with the big man. Oscker made me teary with his excitement. ♥So innocent and special. 

 ⤵One afternoon we had the luxury of staying home and watching
Christmas movies while wrapping presents. Perfection!⤵
 ⤵My sister had to work Christmas Eve so we visited and helped her earn her money☺⤵
 ⤵Christmas Eve for the Frost`s was held at the Wildwood Fire Hall. Too much food with loads of family, lots of laughter and even a visit from Santa Matt. A great night indeed.⤵
⤵Every year, same scene. Bedtime and 'twas the night before Christmas
 ⤵while visions of sugar plums (and hockey bags and cameras) danced in their heads⤵
⤵iPhone only Christmas tree photo taken after exhaustion had set in
⤵Christmas morning 2013. Haopy Happy kids! Tired parents.
⤵I took very few photos Christmas Day at my parents place. Fortunately this photo shows the happiness the kids felt. Syd was missing her Dad a lot and left to go be with his family for supper. It wasn't the easiest day for her but she did well.The kids were spoiled silly, we had another huge supper with my parents, sister, Uncle, a friend and my Granny. We are blessed beyond words and really couldn't ask for more. 

Hope you had a Happy Holiday too. I look forward to a fresh start in 2014. Can't wait actually!

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