Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Another year is over

As a result of our lame government, the full walk out of BC Teachers this week meant the kids summer holidays started much earlier than expected. I'm so glad I took this photo before we left for school last Thursday as it turned out to be their last day of grades 5 & 3. (Powell River's day for the rotating strike fell last Friday before the full scale walkout started this week). Lily is wearing all green for Fun Day (GO GREEN GATORS) while Jackson is only supportive with the t-shirt under his hoody. It definitely feels weird as there really wasn't an end of year anything. Suddenly school is just done. After a quicker Fun Day Thursday, the kids were directed back to their classrooms to gather up everything just in case. I think everyone knew a full on strike was coming but it really does suck. I support the teachers completely but it makes the end of the year feel very strange. I can't see this strike ending anytime soon. Already there is talk of this going into the start of the year in September.

How different my boy looks on the first day of school compared to now. So much growth!!

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