Monday, 16 June 2014


This weeks stills really are a mishmash of the last week. Enjoy some photos of
Fun Day at school - Go GREEN GATORS! (3, 4 & 6)
An evening stroll in our neighborhood (1,2,5,12,13 & 14)
Blooms in the yard(7,8 & 10)
My superstar little woman passing her swimming and showered in love just after finishing her dance recital. She was supported by 3 generations and is a lucky lady (9 & 11)

Joining in with Emily over at The Beetle Shack. Sadly I have to return the borrowed Nikon this week and haven't saved enough for my own new baby yet so we are back to the old Canon Point and Shoot for a bit. I'm motivated though and will stop stealing from the camera fund for silly things and get back to power saving. Hopefully I'll have a new toy before summer is over. 
Fingers crossed anyway. Thank you again and again Jennifer Dodd for the camera loan for the past 7 months! I've had loads of fun with it! 

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