Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Scenes from a 9th birthday


After a couple weeks of planning, two days of which were spent with my parents making gingerbread houses  for 15, Lily's 9th birthday party happened. Other than a few tears (over not helping to decorate her cupcakes)from the birthday girl just before all the guests arrived, the evening went off without a hitch. There was the initial awkwardness that a party brings - new friends meeting old friends but eventually Lily and her best girlfriends decorated their houses and posed for photos in our homemade booth (with sort of tragic results because of the poor lighting and my skills). They danced to the Christmas music blaring from the speakers and wrote with sparklers with the lights out. She opened some really great gifts surrounded by her girls. They played a Christmassy version of Kiss the Frog called Kiss the Santa as well as Pin the Stash on Santa. Chatter and laughter filled the room. Lily's requested menu for supper was plain pasta with butter and parm. but we also had a red sauce for those that wanted it. There was chips, dips, veggies, fruits, meats, cheeses and Shirley Temples to drink. No one went hungry or thirsty. FUN GUARANTEED was on her invite and indeed it happened. I think this was a birthday party she will remember forever. She was spoiled silly and has lovely little friends. Best of all she was grateful!

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