Tuesday, 10 March 2015


"a portrait of, and quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2015"
Jackson: His photo shows his pure joy after a big win for his team in the final game of the playoffs for his house league hockey. It was a nail biter and honestly the win could've gone to either team. The boys and single girl were thrilled and were celebrated by loads of friends and family that included several generations. He had a great year and played for a good team with wonderful coaches.
Lots to be grateful for!
His quote this week comes from a family supper at my parents place. He was already seated at the table and eating when he stopped and looked up at me getting my food at the counter and said "Mom your hair looks really nice and so do you". It was a bit shocking and I got a bit teary when I turned my back to him. I guess because it was so unexpected and random but nice all the same. I love him so much.
Lily: Once again, she performed at the Festival of Performing Arts here in Powell River. It's hard to understand why she chose to recite a poem again this year. It is totally voluntary and not at all encouraged by her teacher really but she did it and I'm so proud. All of her primary teachers attend the festival and encourage the kids to perform but once you pass grade 3 unfortunately it's not longer that important. You are welcome to go but your class doesn't join you and you practise on your own. For this anxious little lady, it's a pretty big deal that she wanted to do it. She recited Danny O'Dare by Shel Silverstein and received lovely comments from the adjudicator.
After a little conversation with her Great Granny "I was kinda listening but sorta not and just sitting there thinking, doodleydoo"
We had friends stay for the weekend and one evening had a fire on the beach. One friend fell asleep on the couch early and didn't make it down to the fire while she was there. "I wonder if Kevin is awake yet? He crashed like a party downer."
A few extras this week because I found it hard to choose. 

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  1. Congratulations what a great achievement for both of them. Xxxx