Monday, 16 March 2015


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2015"
Jackson: My beautiful, sweet, sensitive boy man. We had a visit from some Vancouver friends this past week and he couldn’t hide his sadness after they left. The tears flowed. His heart is big and pure and he loves so much, as I do him. 
Lily: My anxious little star received the OMA award this week at school. OMA is a Grandma who would come to the school week after week to help out in primary classrooms (K – 3). She did crafts and some reading. It was lovely having her around especially for kids who don’t have Grandparents who are alive or live close by. She stopped coming to the school last year but the award remains and isn’t given out every year only when there is a student deserving. It is for an Outstanding Primary Citizen and we couldn’t be prouder of Lily for being chosen to receive it. The whole family was there to watch and Lily knew nothing about it. Oma’s daughter stood with Lily’s teacher at the front to present it during our last assembly. Mr. McMaster couldn’t have said nicer, kinder things about Lily making us all (Neil & I, my sister and parents) shed a few tears (my mom more than the rest of us maybe;). I felt a huge sense of joy for both my kids as I knew they are good, happy people and I can only hope they remain so. You can see the nerves in Lily’s photo. She said later she didn’t know what to do. The whole school cheered as we cried. It was a pretty great way to start our morning and the last day of school before Spring Break. I say it over and over again, but I’m lucky/blessed/fortunate.
“Oh no, oh no. No I can’t take your money. No. Oh no. Well if it pleases you I shall.” This after an impromptu performance first thing Saturday morning. I guess she was dreaming that we’d start offering her money as we lay in bed groaning about how early it was for such loud songs. Wishful thinking my love.
Living Arrows & Practising Simplicity

And below is their joy afterschool on Friday knowing the next two weeks are free!
Yay for Spring Break!


  1. What beautiful memories captured again this week..they will so,love reading these stories of important character building moments in their lives. X
    Enjoy Spring break. X