Monday, 6 April 2015


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2015"

It's been a busy week which usually means not so many photos so the pics in this post were all taken the same day. Thursday we headed to my Granny's care home for a Easter Egg hunt then later went for a long walk in our own neighborhood. 

Jackson: He is now officially taller than his GG. I'm not sure how this happened but it's true. He was the sweetest with her when we visited. He is too old to hunt eggs so sat by her side and watched the littler kids as they raced to find chocolates. He chatted with her about her home and if she had many friends (some he met and was super polite to), what the food was like, if she ever attended movie night like he saw advertised in the elevator. I was filled with pride over the thoughtful little big man he is. He helped her get up and get her walker. It was wonderful to watch. He's growing up and I believe, headed the right direction. And yes he did steal eggs from his sister and cousin once they returned with full baskets. 

Lily: Speaking of growing up, there's been a lot of talk this week from Lily wondering why she has to get older. I guess all my silly pleas for them to stay little have really gotten to her. She's had several bouts of  tears about wanting to stay young and just be 9 forever. She loves to play and imagine and dream. This growing older business is tough on all of us.  Again this week, some crazy quotes from her.
"Mom did you know I'll be 95 in the year 2100? And...I'll still be running marathons...with my walker."
"This is what I give to you cuz cash is flowing through my mind. I'm a 14 dollaraire."


  1. Such sweet children....and yes growing up is hard and sometimes not welcomed....but inevitable.
    Love the last pic and their expressions.xx

  2. Oh I love the photo of Jackson with your Granny. Family is so precious <3