Saturday, 4 April 2015

Link Love 3/100

Hello again with another "The Ultimate Rabbit Hole where we get to share the links we’ve loved over the last week. Because after all, the interwebs are just one long rambly rabbit hole, and once you fall down, it’s just too rabbity-rivetting to leave." 

I don't have many links but the few I have are worth a read and a try. Enjoy. 

A friend of mine posted this on FB the other day with her status reading  "Women understand. We need each other because life gets hard." I couldn't agree more. 

Me and my never ending battle with weight greatly appreciated this article.

 No sooner do I mention my weight and post a link to a great read then immediately turn my attention to food and a couple of recipes. Ha! So typical! Do you like cabbage and bacon? If so, I'd recommend this - delicious. And, how about a fun Easter cake to take to supper tomorrow. Super easy and so festive! This bunny cake is also super simple and fun.

I sort of can't believe I'm doing this but I have to recommend this blog for all things hockey. I never had an interest in the sport until my boy started playing but things have obviously changed. Jackson has played for years and I thought these 10 Sanity Tips for Minor Hockey Parents were bang on. Jack's season has ended sort of ugly. Too many parents have gotten too crazy about what is happening on the ice. They are 11 are 12 year old boys and girls. Let them have fun. Yes I'm there cheering on my boy but it is really not the end of the world if we lose. I will never understand the politics associated with minor hockey. Give me a break. Let them play and have fun and get serious when they're older if they chose to.  

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  1. Some great reads, Jen. I too have endured a lengthy battle of the bulge and found that article super helpful, especially after this weekend where I have eaten my body weight in chocolate and Hot Cross Buns! Wishing you and yours an eggcellent Easter! Thanks for linking up to the Ultimate Rabbit Hole xx