Tuesday, 5 May 2015

April Memories

April flew by at lightning speed. It started with a great Easter and continued with lots of fun. We left town several times mostly for hockey but there were a couple days in Victoria, just Neil and I, that were pretty awesome. I LOVE Victoria. It was great to be there, stay at the gorgeous Empress and wander around kid free in the sunshine. The moon on the ocean in the wee hours of the morning was stunning! It's not so bad waking up early to pee if you can look outside and see such beauty on the water out front. We also enjoyed several amazing days with dramatic skies and beautiful sunsets. My parents celebrated their 44th year together. We took my Granny to the park for a picnic and she went on and on about how lovely it was to be out with us. Lily was as crazy as ever. The photo with the fake boobs was her pretending to be a 42 year old lady!!! Seriously funny. I wish I'd video'd it.  Her and her Dad baked cookies for hours one night. She insisted on bite size and only Neil can manage the patience necessary to complete such a task. Donut the Adventurer (our sweet hamster) went on a few adventures out of his cage but was fortunately found safely every time. The photo above is in the bathtub surrounded by his own poop!☺Why he chose to adventure in the bathroom I'll never know but we sure are glad he landed in the bathtub somehow and not the toilet. Thank goodness! The blooms continue to give and I'm so grateful for them. Finally, on our last day in April, a tug passed towing a house and a little steamboat. We are so blessed/lucky/fortunate to live where we do and see the odd things that pass by in the ocean in front of the house. I prefer whales but this house and boat were interesting too.  5 days into May (Happy Cinco de Mayo) and we've already done a ton. Vancouver it is this weekend for one last hockey tourney then home for the remainder of the month to relax and enjoy the goodness May always brings. 

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  1. What a magical month! Awesome pics - as always! You look like your mum, and love that one of Lily and the fake boobs, but I love that one of her in that awesome T-shirt "I was born to do this." I wish they made that in adult sizes! Hope there is heaps of yay in your May!