Sunday, 21 June 2015

Happy Solstice and a Bucket List

Summer has officially arrived. 
Here's what we hope to accomplish over the next few months...
  • more hiking including Brownie Creek Trail and another to the Bunster Bluffs
  • loads of beach time - Mahoods, Donkersley, Palm
  • more than one day trip to Savary
  • Texada Quarry's and Sandcastle Weekend
  • a Blue Jays game in Seattle
  • lots of friend time, hopefully including some old friends from the city
  • day trip to Playland
  • more local fresh fruits and vegs
  • more cooking at home including lots of bbq
  • a couple trips to Big & Little Sliammon Lakes
  • a cleaner, more well maintained home
  • several trips to the local Women's Auxillary to get rid of stuff we no longer need
  • no stress about little messes left around
  • a large clothing purge
  • less little screen time and more family movie nights, hopefully with the projector outside
  • lots and lots of reading, I have several books lined up and ready
  • some days of nothing
  • Portland to visit friends
  • art with the kids
  • nightly frisbee (this is really Lily's as she is obsessed right now)
  • more hanging of the laundry outside
  • lots of card making & selling for Lily and babysitting for Jackson
  • breakfast, lunch and supper outside
  • DAILY appreciation for what we have, where we live and how we love and are loved
Happy Happy Solstice and Happy Aboriginal Day! Enjoy! 

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