Friday, 12 June 2015

Happy Weekend

I'm still at home doing laundry and a bit of housecleaning but will head to town shortly to grab the kids from school and let the fun begin. It's Grad weekend here in Powell River so we will be busy for the next couple of days celebrating my beautiful niece Sydney. It's an exciting time. I remember it well although when I graduated we certainly do half the stuff the grads do these days to prepare for their big day. Syd's week has been filled with a busy mix of school, hair & make up, photo shoots and lots of little celebrations with friends. It's quite a big deal. I look forward to (with quite a bit of disbelief that she is already old enough to be finished high school?!?!) seeing it all and will be back next week with lots of photos. It's a beautiful day and the forecast is calling for more of the same for the next few days. Yay. Happy Weekend!


  1. Hope it was a cracker. When I finished high school in the UK, I think we had a regular disco and that was that. Graduation is big business these days, isn't it?! I can't wait to see all the photos! x

    1. Hey Sammie, my most beautiful and faithful commenter.:) Thank you for always coming back to me.

      Graduation is indeed big business! I feel as though I need to start saving my pennies already for when Jackson & Lily get there. It was a lovely weekend. Just uploading a post as we speak.