Tuesday, 2 June 2015

May memories

May saw the end of hockey (yipee!!!) and the beginning of ball season. We traveled a bit to the city, including a visit with family and a day trip to Seattle for me and one of my besties...mmmm, Cheesecake Factory! We went to the Island a couple of times and were fortunate enough to stay at Tigh Na Mara again and check out Rathtrevor and Coombs Country Market too.  We also had a single weekend at home with no plans whatsoever (awesome!). Jackson's class had a couple of field trips including the one to the skate park above and Lily has become quite the performer/songwriter with her trusted uke in hand. There's been lots of trips to the park to play and relax. The kids started kayaking in the evening again and have dipped their faces in the ocean several times now. My skin is definitely not as thick as theirs is. Brrrr!!! We celebrated a couple of special birthday's, hiked a bit and admired blooms more beautiful than I can put into words. We lost a special friend. It's so hard to say goodbye but I'm glad she is no longer suffering.  It was lovely to reconnect with all her family at her service and afterwards at her place. She wasn't really my Auntie but that is what I called her and I miss her.

Summer really feels as though it is already here with the exception of getting up for school and packing lunches every day. I won't be sad to see the end of that for a couple months but I will be crushed knowing the kids will head off to Grades 7&5 in the fall. How did this happen?!?! Can't we freeze time? Cheers to a gorgeous and busy June. The calendar is already full. 

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  1. So sorry about your friend, I'm sure you gave her the fondest of farewells. I love the Cheesecake Factory (YUM!) what a marvellous month you've had, and those blooms are just beautiful!