Thursday, 25 June 2015

#SAMESPOT - June 2015

June was a whirlwind of activity. I feel like this month is equal to December in terms of busy. Our calendar was full of end of year field trips, parties as well as a full load of baseball. Hockey ends and ball begins but I have to say I love to sit in the park and watch in the sunshine. Hockey is certainly faster paced but the cold arena will never be appealing. 

This month saw very little rain and lots of fabulous sunny days. The kids know the routine now of brushing teeth and hair and applying sunscreen every morning. Our skin is pretty sunkissed already. 

The kids are just getting out of bed as I write this. Soon I will drive them to school for their last days of grades 6 and 4. As ever, I once again feel disbelief that we are finished another school year so quickly. The days are often indeed very long but the years are short. My babies are growing fast. 

My hope for July is a much slower pace. I'm working full time the first two weeks to cover someone's holidays. It sucks but I feel like I'll get it over with than have the rest of the summer to work only a few days a week and enjoy family time the rest. Lots of beach days and days of nothing are in our future. Summer baseball continues but that's weekends only. Chees July! We look very forward to you!

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