Friday, 3 July 2015

Berry Picking on Canada Day

On Canada Day we picked blueberries. We are proud Canadians, grateful for our beautiful country and our freedom but more than thrilled to spend the day quietly together and away from crowds.  Neil had to work a bit so it made my decision easier to stay away from the couple big celebrations in town and head to pick some berries.. The farm was dead other than one other family that left soon after we arrived.  My dad joined us so it was just the 4 of us and ripe berries for as far as the eye could see with sunflowers dotting the  rows of bushes.  We ate and picked and ate and picked some more. Eventually the kids got too hot and headed for the shade while my dad and I filled our three large buckets. The berries are perfect right now - big, juicy and delicious and the sunflowers huge and happy against the blue blue sky. It was a perfect hour or so in the hot sun. We left with full bellies and enough berries to last us many treats into the future. Another round of picking may be necessary sooner than later. ☺

Joining in with beautiful Jen  again today.

Pierced Wonderings


  1. Those berries look so big and delicious! So what are you going to make with them or did you eat them before you got a chance to bake with them? Hope your Canada Day was as sweet as those berries!

  2. I love blueberries! My mother-in-law has three big bushes which are more like trees. The summer before we got married, I picked gallon after gallon of blueberries that we then turned into somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 pints of blueberry jam to use as favors for our wedding. We've got room to plant a whole row of bushes here at the new house, and I think I just might do it...or at least two or three ;)

    I love the close-ups of the blueberries, but I also think I love the sunflower photos. Sunflowers are my absolute favorite.Thank you for sharing these for Photo Friday this week!