Friday, 31 July 2015

July Memories

What happened to you July? Pictured above are only half of the pictures I actually took -  as you can see, we've been busy! We've spent loads of time outside and had some wonderful visits and parties with friends. We celebrated anniversaries and special birthdays and finally met two new special little men. We lived through smoke filled days due to forest fires in the area, played some road hockey, saw several movies and ate a lot of fresh local fruits, vegs AND prawns YAY!. The moon has been stunning and so have the sunsets. We made a couple quick trips to Duncan, Seattle and Texada. It's been a whirlwind of activity but fun. We also BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! CRAZINESS!!! Scary and exciting.  I anticipate August to be a crazy mix of packing and enjoying the last of what summer has to offer, hopefully more beach time. There has been a serious lack of beach time this summer.  We are blessed beyond words to live the life we do. It's a good life if sometimes a bit stressful but nothing we can't manage. Here we come August. Let's have so more good times!


  1. Wow good times indeed....doing a big catchup and I see you have some exciting things going on.....congrats on the house....moving can be fun and stressful all at once. Xxx

  2. Such beautiful pictures (as always) and what magical memories you have made! And a house! That's awesome! Happy packing!