Monday, 19 October 2015


"a portrait of, and occasionally a quote from my children, once a week, every week, in 2015"

Jackson: I'm sure our new neighbours are loving my boy as he shoots puck after puck into his net. His shot is improving but the noise that goes along with the puck slamming against the fence behind the net is a little much. Sunday morning at 8am isn't a good time for practice my sweet love.

Lily: There is a boy in her class with autism and she is very fearful. She has had some poor experiences with him in the past and every fall we deal with her fears as they go back to school together. We talk about inclusion and how if he were in our family, we'd fight for him to be in the classroom too however none of this reduces her anxiety. He has hit her a couple of times and is very big and loud especially when he gets agitated. We and her teacher have worked out a system for her to leave the classroom every time she feels too afraid to stay. She is allowed to up and leave without question. We've also asked that she not be seated near him in the classroom. Her fear is real and awful. Last night at bedtime she cried as she felt nervous about school the next day, scared that the boy may somehow get a hold of scissors and try and hurt her or others. Lily is light. She is happy and quite easy going. This is a hard thing for us all to deal with. I'm very protective and worry. Things seem to improve as the year progresses. The boy gets used to the routines of the classroom and settles quite a bit but until then it's tough. I'm sure it's hard for other kids too but Lily seems to take it the worst. I'm so grateful that her teacher is on board with making her comfortable. 

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  1. Brilliant photos. Especially love the leaf ones. Sounds like Lily's teacher is a good one, and receptive to the children's needs. Hope things improve soon for her.