Sunday, 18 October 2015

September Memories Part 2 - Celebrating 40

As my sister was turning 40 in September, a big celebration was in order. I found out Duran Duran were playing the Washington State Fair in late September so I started planning our (my) date with Simon LeBon. My sister wasn't ever the hugest Duranie but was thrilled to go away for a few days and see the concert with me, all my treat to her. This all sounds very selfish on my part, but seriously, Sarah was pumped to get away and shop and eat out and just be our of PR for a few days stress free.  We worked out all the kids schedules with my parents and Neil and off we went for two nights and three days away, just the two of us - surprisingly we have never traveled alone together ever before. We shopped, we ate well and had a super great and very long day at The State Fair with the obvious highlight being the concert. Nile Rogers started things off with a bang then Duran Duran took the stage for a couple hours of great music and fun. They played some new stuff but thrilled the crowd with a bunch of oldies like The Reflex, Girls on Film and Rio. I enjoyed watching the crowd as much as the show. The house was full - so many people my age including lots of handsome guys and sweet families whose children were singing along with their parents. It was a great party and my sister and I were both so happy to be there. They've still got it, especially Simon :) Sarah and I both had a super time at the show and away together. It was low key 40th birthday celebration like she wanted but fun and good for both of us. Fingers crossed Duran Duran returns so we can go again. 

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