Sunday, 24 January 2016


After early morning hockey practise followed by a bottle drive, we took advantage of some great weather on Saturday and headed our for a walk to the beach. The barking sea lions were calling from the water miles away as we made our way through the trails in the woods to the pole line. Jack and his cousin were armed with Jack's BB gun shooting rocks and puddles and signs hearing constant badgering from me to be careful and not hit anything living. (I'm not a fan of that thing!) Lily rode ahead then waited for us to catch up then rode ahead again. Repeat, repeat, repeat. My Dad fed any passing dog biscuits from his always full pockets and I stopped often to take photos. It was wonderful. Home for a good supper followed by a great sleep made for an even lovelier Sunday that included a delicious brunch of buttermilk banana pancakes with berries and whip, bacon and my fav Earl Grey tea. The sunset tonight finished off the weekend perfectly. It almost felt like Spring. Wishful thinking I'm sure, but hopefully the real cold is behind us.   

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